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     Marketers will say that the key to brand building is in the story of the brand and its ability to make consumers remember it, but we have to stress that VIIDA does not have its own brand story. Our intention is not to strategically package ourselves to attract consumers and use basic marketing strategies to gain your approval. On the contrary, VIIDA’s core value is in listening to the stories of our consumers and their needs.  

     We believe that everyone has their own story. We maintain a close contact with our consumers to thoroughly understand their everyday habits and lifestyle and provide products that will suit their needs for a better enjoyment in life. Therefore, you are the creators of VIIDA’s story.

VIIDA Living well 安心 質感 簡單 風格 品牌 品牌故事
VIIDA Living well 安心 質感 簡單 風格 品牌 品牌故事

The V Living

    The word VIIDA is derived from a Spanish word meaning LIFE. When the “I” is integrated into life with a sense of enjoyment, it becomes VIIDA. Caring about yourself and loving yourself is the meaning of the V life!

VIIDA Living well 安心 質感 簡單 風格 品牌 品牌故事

Living Well

     Life – pertains to your values, your preferences, your taste, your everything. Slow down your pace and live, and be mindful of how you create your space. Allow you and your family to live in a space of ultimate tranquility and maximum comfort. VIIDA will make this experience readily available to you and your family with a peace of mind.

Peace of Mind

     “Quality does not compromise” is our first and foremost requirement for each product. It is also the core value of the brand, and the very reason as to how we are able to achieve the VIIDA concept that has been repeatedly emphasized – Living Well.


    Even if it’s just a handle, we will dwell on its arc. Following our number one requirement for quality products, a “good user experience” comes second. Once held in your hands, you will imminently know what a quality product is.


     The art of plain spaces applied to life creates minimalism. Simple, minimalistic products are timeless. To live a simple and happy life, start with VIIDA.


     A good home life experience starts from the little things in life. Make the right choices in the products you use, and they can easily multifunction as a beautiful home décor.

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